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Born to Create

Maria-Katharina Richters

A podcast designed to help artists & aspiring creatives unleash their full potential and dare to start a life based on their art and their creativity. The podcast is hosted by Maria-Katharina Richters. She works with artists, musicians and singers who are looking to move from passion to profession, and finally unlock their true creative potential and share their gift with the world AND with aspiring creatives, who want to discover their passion and their purpose to find true wellbeing in life. Maria has a diverse background in Design and Art, Music and Art Therapy and draws from her expertise in her area of work in coaching and art therapy, as well as from her own experiences, having overcome addiction and mental health issues in her own life.A mission that is ingrained within her, since she can remember is that she always saw the potential in people that they didn't see. She saw beauty and art where they didn't see anything. 'A lot of times I run into individuals who are very creative and have lots of talent and potential, but they just haven’t been able to harness their creative passion and spend their lives being unhappy, unhealthy and simply create themselves a chain reaction of a reality they don't like. As an artist or a creative, we have been brainwashed into the ideas of the 'Starving artist' and have been shaped to respond positively to the expectations others and lost touch to responding positively to our own inspiration and intuitive hits. As well, being emotion driven, artists don't spend the time on learning to create a business mindset in order to create a financially viable business. And in most cases, the reason they don't make it, is NOT because they're not good or don’t know what they’re doing or anything like that, but because they haven’t made the connection between creative skillset and business mindset, and realize you need BOTH to be successful.In other words, as an artist myself, I have the skillset to be successful. I have the talent to physically produce a piece of work.However, unless I also have the mindset to ask for the business, handle rejection, learn and grow from the challenges and seek out opportunities, then I’m never going to be able to get to the level of success that I need in order to have a financially viable business.A business mindset that is fulfilling, rewarding and profitable is completely aligned with your spiritual work of moving through fears, expanding comfort zones, in a balance of receiving and giving and making a positive impact. It is therefore absolutely aligned to connecting with your truth, which is your creativity (your choice of expression), speaking up for your truth and bringing it to life. Your art is the path for this to happen. It opens all the doors from the unknown to a life based on magic.When I work with clients on this I take people through a step by step process that is based on my own journey as a business oriented artist, that breaks it down into an easily understandable 3 phased approach designed to help you harness your creative passion and talents into a financially viable business. 'Maria is a Creative Transformation Coach, Art Business Mentor, Art Therapist, Artist and Designer. She is currently writing an e-book and creating a Video Course of 'Born to Create' soon to launch, that will be accessible to people around the world and help them harness their creativity and monetize it. As part of her research she is interviewing 100 artists as her focus of interest is in discovering the minds of an artist and non-artists, because her belief is that everyone is creative and can access this creativity within them at any time.Maria also works as a Coach Mentor at two Coaching Schools